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Corrective Wellness is a personalized solution that synergizes Preventative Medicine, Nutrition, Fitness & Esthetics.

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We are Corrective Wellness!

We offer an innovative, proactive and preventive healthcare model that truly integrates the best of conventional, regenerative, age management, holistic and functional medicine. The synergy of our services creates efficiency, saves time and cost and offers the best opportunity for maximizing outcomes through inhouse team collaboration.

Corrective Wellness offers a Personalized Preventative & Functional Medicine Program specialized for men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of health.

Optimum health means living with youthful vitality through all stages of life.

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Synergistic Services

Customized based on your evaluation and needs
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While aging is inevitable, how you age is in your control!

What are your aging concerns?

Reduce Heart Risk?

Elevate Lean Muscle Mass?

Improve Hair Health?

Improve Skin Tone & Texture?

Increase Bone Density?

Extend Health Span?

Boost Energy?

Lose Weight?

Improve Sleep?

Mental Acuity?

Enhance Libido?

Improve Mood/Drive?

Our team at Corrective Wellness will help regain your vibrance beginning with a comprehensive evaluation which allows us to get to the root causes of underlying issues.
Our specialists then create a personalized plan which helps regain your optimum health and youthful vitality.

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Our Team

Brooke Lucas

Brooke Lucas

Corrective Wellness Owner
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What Clients say?

Our Clients love us & here's what some of them have to say!

This office is one of a kind. The staff and the doctors take the time to really work with you and take into account your body and your results to keep you feeling your best. Every other place I have gone just tries to sell you product, not here. I'd recommend them to anyone I know!

Jessica P

Amazing customer service and attention to detail. They are dedicated to your health and well-being and offer a level of service above and beyond other providers. I love this place.

Ju G

I have a multitude of complicated medical issues and I feel good for the first time in years! [Brooke] really understands my challenges, and she adjusts my treatment as needed based on thorough blood work and asking me how I feel.

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